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[STORE] 100% Xmas-free zone - there are NO festive items in this store. Airborne Enemies Killed, Team Spirit Paint, Keys, Refined Metal, Strange Axtinguisher, Ubersaw, Genuines, Ace of Spades, Orange Box, Garry's Mod - Bitcoin accepted (no rep required). Free DOTA 2 with every sale

FREE: 1 gift copy of Dota 2 with EVERY sale. Buy now while stocks last!
Item Price
Keys 0.102 Bitcoin
Refined Metal 0.035 Bitcoin
Strange Part: Airborne Enemies Killed 1 key + 1 ref
Haunted Crone's Dome 1 Key + 1 rec
Team Spirit Paint 1 Key + 1 rec
Executioner (uncraftable) 1 Ref
Strange Axtinguisher 1.66 Ref**
Strange Ubersaw 1.66 Ref**
Genuine Aperture Labs Hard Hat 3 Keys
All-Father (Uncraftable)++ 3 Keys
Salvaged Crate #40 9 Keys + 2 ref
Strange Ullapool Caber 13 Keys
Strange Your Eternal Reward 2 keys
2x Dota 2 Treasure Key 3x TF2 Key
Dota 2 invite tradable (not usable in China) 1 ref
Garry's Mod 2 Keys
Left 4 Dead 2 5 keys
Ace of Spades 4 Keys
The Orange Box (Complete Half Life 2 series + Portal + TF2 Premium Upgrade) 6 Keys
1.33 Ref (I'm buying this item) Strange Part: Domination Kills
I have more than one of many of these items.
** indicates special Reddit price - only one available at this price
++ I just realized All-father is on sale today in Mannco Store :/
Attention games buyers: If you have access to Steam Market, then check how much you can sell keys for at the moment. Because, instead of trading with me, it might work out slightly cheaper to sell your keys on the Steam Market and then buy the games direct from Steam, if they're still on sale. Don't forget Valve's 15% tax on the selling price of your keys, though :)
I will also accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments for most items. No rep is required. Price is calculated from the prices here at a rate of 0.102 Bitcoin per key. How to get Bitcoins?
How to trade with me
Click here to add me: (you will need to be logged into Steam in your web browser)
If I'm AFK or unavailable, you can still get most of these items from my store here: (check the price before you trade though, because sometimes I'm offering a slightly lower price on Reddit). Contact me within 2 days for your free copy of Dota 2
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Bitcoin 123,399 Members. Trading. Steam Gifts [] TF2 Outpost [] Reddit Dispenser [] Profile Check. SteamRep [] SteamDB Calculator [] Ratings. Game Rankings All time [] Game Rankings 2015 [] Bitcoin: How Does BTC Work? Learn How To Buy And Sell January 1, 2018; Top 5 Best Rated Washing Machines 2018 January 1, 2018; How To Start A Website With WordPress The EASY All-in-One FREE Website Tool December 28, 2017; 7 Best Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Like New December 28, 2017 On you can find other traders listing their keys up for sale, what’s different with this place is that you pay using bitcoin here. This is usually one of the cheaper places to buy TF2 keys. Though the site isn’t always that active, so the supply of keys can be low from time to time. If I am offline, Leave a Comment on my Profile. I will not accept private Profiles and Backpacks. Time zone : UTC+01:00 ːtwtimerː • Trusted player and trader. • You can add me but no lowball. • Selling Unusuals/buds/keys via paypal. • PayPal Rules For Buying TF2 Keys : 1. You go first. 2. You pay the fees when you are buying. 3. You must gift the money. 4. You must place into the ... Compararea preturilor si a produselor dintre ofertele webshopurilor. Căutați, comparați și găsiți cea mai bună ofertă!

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